April 03, 2022 Bethlehem Church

Rural King Is Doing Church Week Again!

Rural King Is Doing Church Week Again!

We are excited to know that Rural King is doing Church Week again, April 7th through April 20th. So what exactly is Church Week and how does it help Bethlehem? Glad you asked!

Here is what Rural King says about Church Week: This program provides an opportunity for those who shop at Rural King to support participating Christian churches, schools, and radio stations.

The wonderful thing is, 10% of purchases for people who submit their receipts for Bethlehem, Rural King will give to us as a donation. This is very generous. Here is what you need to know about how the program works.

Participant Information:


  1. Your supporters can shop at their local Rural King store, or www.ruralking.com, and submit their qualifying receipt on our website, www.ruralking.com/churchweek. To be eligible, the receipts must be dated April 7-20, 2022, and be submitted to the website above by May 6, 2022.
  2. Once the event has ended, 10% of each valid and qualifying Rural King receipt’s total (after sales tax) will be donated to the registered organization chosen by the customer.
  3. Donations will be distributed to the organizations receiving them by the Rural King store designated during the application process.
  4. For questions, please e-mail churchweek@ruralking.com

Let's support Rural King as they support us!